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We are in the process of updating our spay-neuter contract and will post it here once its finished.  Our health guarantee is listed below.
Health Guarantee:
Cedarwinds Kennel offers a 10-day guarantee on any contagious sickness, provided the buyer has puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian within 3 days of purchase (Sundays excluded,) and we offer a guarantee on any genetic health problem up to the second birth date of the puppy.  If a probelm should arise on the initial vet exam, buyer shall contact seller immediately.  Fecal testing, other testing for parasites, worm medications, and vaccinations should be a part of your puppy's healthcare routine, and as such, are not covered under this guarantee.  I must be contacted prior to any testing for genetic problems for the charges to be considered, at either the initial exam or any other exams during the first two years.  If the problem proves to be genetic, I will exchange the puppy with a different puppy from the next available litter or reimburse buyer for medical costs UP TO the purchase price of the puppy.  Reimbursement for medical costs will be made ONLY IF I WAS CONTACTED FOR PRIOR APPROVAL.  The decision to either replace/exchange the puppy or to reimburse for medical expenses shall be made by seller.
It is my intent to place only healthy puppies.  If your puppy proves to be genetically unsound, then the puppy would need to be brought or shipped back to Cedarwinds so that he/she can be replaced with a healthy puppy.  If you prefer to keep your puppy, then you may be reimbursed for medical costs UP TO THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PUPPY.  Health issues that buyer was made aware of prior to taking possession will not be covered.  Shipping charges are non-refundable.  Medical costs without prior approval and in excess of the purchase price will be the responsibility of the owner.
Although i can tell you the size of the parents, I do not guarantee what size the puppy will be when he/she grows up.  If you purchased a puppy with full breeding rights, you were given the 'best possible candidate" from the litter for breeding.  I do not, however, guarantee fertility.
The puppy MUST be inspected by a veterinarian within 3 days of receipt (Sunday's excluded), and the "Initial Puppy Exam Report" MUST be signed by the buyer and by the attending veterinarian at the initial exam, and a copy MUST be returned to me within 2 weeks of receipt of your puppy, or the health guarantee is null and void.
Buyer must provide seller with veterinary records and notes, test results, bills and if applicable, X-rays, in order for any charges to be considered.  No charges will be considered if the health issue is not a proven genetic disorder.  Seller has the right to a second opinion with a veterinarian who is unassociated with buyer's veterinarian.  This contract is entered into between buyer and seller in Cedar County, in the state of Nebraska, and is the entire agreement.  Nothing is implied.  This health guarantee is non-transferable.

Geri Wiepen        Crofton, NE 68730