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Shipping your puppy

Most airlines will allow you to travel with a small pup, providing it can fit comfortably in a carrier that slide under the seat.  The fee can be as low as $75-100 in addition to your ticket, to fly with your puppy.  You would then be able to come out and see our kennel and personally choose your puppy.  However, if you want the puppy shipped direct to you, then you tell me which major airport works best for you and I make all the flight arrangements.  I then give you the waybill and flight numbers, and the arrival time so that you can be there to receive your newest family member.  We use shredded paper for bedding in the carrier, as it is soft and absorbent.  The water is frozen in the dish so that it thaws slowly and provides the puppy with water throughout the trip.  Food is placed in the back of the carrier and we also give the puppy a chew toy.  An extra bag of  puppy food will be attached to the outside of the crate if the puppy should need to be fed during his/her flight.   Most flights are no longer than 6 hours total travel time.  The puppies travel well, and I have always been happy with the care they receive from the cargo attendants.  The average cost of shipping is $250, plus $45-50 for the crate.  This can vary depending on the age and size of the dog.  I ship mainly from Sioux Falls, SD on Com Air/Delta or Northwest Airlines and charge $25 for mileage and time.    If I have to travel to Omaha, Ne to get connections for your puppy, I charge $50 for gas.  All puppies are vet-inspected prior to shipping.

Payment information 

We accept:  Cash or Money order.

A $250 deposit is required to hold a puppy.   The deposit is non-refundable if you back out later.  I will accept  cash, check or money order for the deposit.  I will also accept a check for the deposit or for payment, as long as it reaches me no less than 14 days prior to shipping or pickup.

Puppies that are shipped: The balance of the puppy and or the crate, must be paid prior to shipping.  In most cases, the shipping is paid by you at the airport when you pick up the puppy.   Puppies that are picked up in person: The only forms of payment accepted for the balance due on puppies that are picked up in person, are cash or money order.    

Airline info:
Northwest and Com Air/Delta are the only 2 airlines that take live cargo from Sioux Falls, and not all their planes have live cargo compartments.  During the winter, the airlines have minimum temperature requirements of either 10 or 20 degrees, while the puppy is at any of the airports along the way.  This is due to the time the puppy spends on the runway while the plane is loading and unloading.  The cargo compartments are heated, cooled and pressurized.  During the summer, the temps cannont exceed 85 degrees, or we cannot ship. 

Geri Wiepen        Crofton, NE 68730