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Ch Cedarwind's Lucky Dane
Finished Champion under Judge Sandra Goose Allen

In 2008, Cedarwind’s Kennel finally entered the AKC show ring.  It’s been a lot of fun and very rewarding.  “Dane” (pictured to the left) is our first AKC Champion.  Gaby has earned 12 of her points and we're hoping to finish her this fall.   

The Silky Terrier originated in Sydney, Australia, and is a cross between the Australian Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier.

The Silky is lively, feisty, curious, full of energy, and quick to learn. They like some exercise and make a great traveling companion. Silkies can be territorial and  some like to bark.

The most common color is light to dark blue-grey with brown; all are born black. Silkies make great house pets as they seldom shed and are normally good with children.

The average Silky Terrier stands 9-10 inches .  Their coat is 5-6 inches long, silky, and parts down the middle of the back. 

"Kaela's Devil May Care" aka "Devil"
Devil has earned 7 of his championship points and has sired 2 AKC Champions

Our Female Silkies

Cedarwind's Gina Go Lucky
"GINA" produced an AKC Champion --- mother of Dane and Gaby.



Cedarwind's Georgia Girl
"GEORGIA" produced an AKC Champion.
Cedarwind's Gift of Gaby
Gaby has earned 12 of her championship points so far.
Cedarwind's Vanessa
"NESSA" thinkin' about the show ring this year
Cedarwind's Gift of Gaby
Gaby won WB and BOS under Judge Murrel Purkhiser at the Waterloo, IA show, April 2009


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